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Peter Sealey served as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley where he focused on high technology marketing and the Internet. (1995 - 2006) He also served as Co-Director of the School's Center for Marketing and Technology.

Newly Formed Research Center at Berkeley's Haas School of Business Poised to Become Leading Forum for Marketing & Technology Issues

Berkeley, CA—March 3, 1999—The Center for Marketing and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley today announced its formation and objectives for the upcoming year. As the first academic organization established to study the increasing impact of marketing on technology and technology on the practice of marketing, the Center's central objective is to address the issues that occur at the interface between these disciplines. The Center intends to bring together both real-world industry practitioners with expert academic researchers worldwide to address the new dynamics between these two disciplines.

"Marketing and technology are becoming linked as never before and the Center aims to confront the cutting-edge issues affecting today's industries by bringing together both providers and users of technology," said Rashi Glazer, Co-director of the Center for Marketing and Technology and Professor at the Haas School of Business. "Our goal is to help businesses, more of whom now consider themselves in some way to be technologically-related, in acquiring the research tools to negotiate the next millennium."

To fund its ambitious research initiatives and services, the Center is seeking to attract leading firms, both big and small, domestic and international, to become Sponsor Members. Sponsor Members already committed include: Audits & Surveys Worldwide, Carlson Leisure & Travel, Cellular One, Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, IBM, RBI Communications, Inc., Round Table Pizza, SBC Communications, Inc., United Parcel Service, Visa U.S.A., and Young & Rubicam, Inc. The Center Member Sponsors all hold Board Member positions and help govern and shape the Center's focus.

"These generous and forward-thinking companies are helping found and shape the new dialogue between marketing and technology, becoming key players in a unique and productive collaboration between business and the Academy," said Peter Sealey, Co-director and Adjunct Professor. "You need only look as far as the Internet to see the impact technology is making on marketing and vice versa. Members of the Center for Marketing and Technology are committed to realizing the significance of this relationship and have the foresight to recognize the benefit of purposely and creatively analyzing the impact. We look forward to delivering real-world solutions to our Members' business needs."

Some initial research projects funded by the Center for 1999 will include: building brand awareness, image and equity on the Internet; creating a competitive edge in high-tech or e-commerce environments; and developing better methods to forecast the success of a product in a technology-based market. The results of these studies will be available first to Sponsor Members and eventually to the entire academic and business communities.

The Center was established by three distinguished U.C. Berkeley faculty members: Rashi Glazer, Co-director; Peter Sealey, Co-director; and Russell Winer, Chairman, Marketing Faculty.